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If You Died Today, What’s Next?PSA: We Cannot “Good Works” Our Way to Heaven

Have you ever been acquitted of something? Like you actually deserved punishment, but for some reason, you escaped the snares of justice?

I have one such occasion I’d rather not share, but sense it’s a perfect time for the story to be used for good.

One night in my college years I drove home late not realizing I had a broken headlight. When an officer pulled me over & asked where I was coming from, I said a party 🤦🏻‍♀️ He had me take a breathalyzer test & I failed 😞.

That night felt like forever as I sat in jail waiting for my boyfriend (now husband) to make arrangements for me to be released. I kept thinking how I broke the law & that there was no undoing what I did.

Maybe unlike me, your life has been pretty uneventful & you consider yourself a good person - you’ve been kind, loved long & forgiven freely.

Regardless of which camp you reside, the bottom line is that none of us can be good enough to be made right with God. He established The Law for one purpose:

To show that we ALL stand guilty before Him!

The Law with its strict & lofty standards exposes sin & shows that our grace-filled acquittal is not based on obedience, but only through faith!

Spending the night crying behind bars was awful…I thought my life was over. Everyday before the court date, I’d awaken with dread of the coming judgement. It wasn’t until I stood before the judge & received a sentence far less than I deserved, that the weight finally lifted.

Y’all, we all have charges we cannot clear. We can’t “good works” our way to heaven. The only way to God is through The Way, Jesus. He cleared our slate with an empty grave & all we need “do” is place our faith in The Sinless One.

When we know with weighty clarity that all sins are forgiven by our resurrected Savior, we can’t help but follow Him as Lord!

Father, thank You that our acquittal Is not based on something we do because we will always fall short apart from You, finding ourselves in need of Your grace.

When we fully grasp how great is Your grace, gratitude becomes greater & surrender seems easier. Holy Spirit, remind us of the great debt that’s been cleared so that in our freedom, we would freely let The Way have His Way!

1 CHRONICLES 22:1-23:32

ROMANS 3:9-31

PSALM 12:1-8

PROVERBS 19:13-14


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