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If you evaluated the return on investment of your time & talent, what treasure would you find?

I had a little “come apart” with my husband last night. Like many, there’s much unfolding at lightening speed. Some of it is choice & some is a matter of circumstance. The bottom line to the wrestle is that I don’t want to waste time, talents & treasures on things that carry no purpose other than to keep the hamster wheel turning.

We all have these in finite supply:

Time-with an unknown expiration date

Talents-that can be invested for value 

Treasures-the resulting investment of time & talents

If you evaluated the return on the investment of your time & talent, what sort of treasure would you find?

This is what Jesus posed as He made way to Jerusalem to pay a debt He didn’t owe.

Some thought that the kingdom of God would begin immediately, so He tells a story of a crowned king who leaves for a short while. Before he does, however, he gives a sum of talents to his servants to invest while he’s gone.

When he is gone, some people send an envoy o tell him they reject his kingship.

Upon return 3 things happen:

1) talent holders are called to account

2) wise investors are rewarded & the complacent, who literally buried their talent to “keep it safe”, loose even what they have

3) the townspeople who reject him are executed😳

There was an Op-ed recently that suggested we give up on God because He’s always been about death…and that’s the point!

He is perfect, so holy that He cannot even glance upon sin AND loves us enough to give us a choice to follow Him to life or our sin to death. Death eternal is a choice & results from rejecting the King of kings who EMBRACED death on the cross so we could escape death eternal!

And yet, death is still required…a death of our will SO THAT His might reign supreme! When we let our will die, we rise again in resurrection power while still on this earth! Our time and talents suddenly become minutes multiplied & superpower skills!

If you took stock today, what talents do you have to invest in the unknown time left? What sort of Kingdom return have you gained or have you played it safe & buried it in fear-induced complacency?

Take action & remember, “…to those who use well what they’ve been given, even more will be given…”

JOSHUA 16:1-18:28

LUKE 19:1-27

PSALM 87:1-7



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