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If you had 5 minutes to say one thing to the world, what would you say?

The other day my friend asked me a question that I still have yet to answer. She said not to think about it for too long, but that’s hard for a girl who considers everything before deciding anything!😂

She asked:

If you had 5 minutes on Fox News to look into a camera & tell the viewers what you believe & 1 way you could help them, what would you say?

A doozy right?

As I read Psalm 40 today, I felt like David captured what’s been burning in my heart since she asked the question.

He tells how the Lord lifted him out of a muddy pit of despair, setting his feet on solid ground. David’s life changes so drastically, that he suddenly has a new song to sing!

David sums up in 2 sentences the desire of my heart:

Many will see what God has done & be amazed. They will put their trust in the Lord.

Despite the fact that David was an adulterer, liar & murderer, God heard David’s cry for help & saved him!

You see that’s the unfathomable good news of the Gospel! We need not clean up to come to The One Who saves!

He takes no delight in our sacrifices or offerings! He has no NEED of them because He BECAME our sacrifice FOR us!

Most times it’s when we FINALLY come to the end of ourselves, in the moment of sheer desperation, that we finally turn to the Lord AS Lord in complete surrender!

That’s my story! My past is littered with sordid details that would make most people blush & the rest turn away in shock, but not my Savior!

He picked me up out of the pigpen of my life’s decisions & washed me as white as snow!

Now it is no longer a sacrifice to do God’s will! When circumstances tempt me to anger, bitterness

 or despair, I WANT to extend the same grace I’ve been given! I’m not perfect, but when I follow His lead into the land of grace & forgiveness, joy follows me!

So if I had 5 minutes on Fox News I think I’d do like David did &, “Tell everyone in the great assembly of God’s unfailing love & faithfulness!”

HE is the answer to ALL problems we face!  When we seek His face, our immediate circumstances may not change, but everything in our perspective does!

Father, save us & give us a new song to sing that causes many to stand amazed & trust in You alone!


MARK 6:30-56

PSALM 40:1-10

PROVERBS 10:11-12


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