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Is There Any Part of my Life that I Withhold like a Fraction from The Father?

Walking in a way worthy of the Lord is impossible apart FROM Him. If we desire His Presence, there’s a wholeness required that can only be attained by HIS holiness.

Psalm 15 begins by asking who may enter God’s holy Presence.

What follows is a list of qualities, all pointing to one thing: integrity. That word shares the same root as, “integer”, which is a whole number with no fractions.

Verse 2 tells us that those who lead blameless lives, do what’s right & speak truth with sincere hearts will stand firm forever.

One version says, “to walk uprightly”. “Walk” is often used to refer to life as a journey & “uprightly” means complete in all of its parts, not defective. Kinda like a whole number with no fractions or decimals! 😉

Heres where it gets tricky. When you read the list of what makes a person worthy to worship before God, there can be a temptation to 2 directions:

1) Determine within to keep promises, be kind, not gossip, etc. but that kind of determination only lasts as long as our resolve…

2) Continue in our partially godly life & stamp the word GRACE on the flagrant sin in which we continue to walk 

Neither are good options.

Walking, doing & speaking truth with sincere hearts requires a transformational encounter with the personhood of Truth!

When someone finally realizes their own propensity for sin & need for a Savior, something remarkable happens…the striving for wholeness ceases & the desire to hold a fractional part of ourselves from God fades!

We can’t fully enjoy the perfection of God when we choose imperfect lives (& “perfect” simply means whole!) So the question that surfaces is this:

Is there any part of my life that I’m withholding like a fraction from my Father?

When we let Him reveal the fractional part of our hearts, we can confess, repent & become whole through the salvation of the Holy One!

Father, reveal hidden parts in our hearts that restrain us from experiencing the wholeness of your Presence! The only way we can walk, act & talk in truth is by allowing Truth to have His Way! Jesus, Your alone are The Way to wholeness through Your holiness! Remind us of the much we’ve been forgiven so we might fully give You every part!

1 KINGS 20:1-21:29

ACTS 12:24-13:15

PSALM 137:1-9



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