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“It’s handled.” ~God

I wonder if anyone is like me this morning, in need of God’s reminder that, “It’s handled?”

I don’t what what “It” is for you, but I could fill in the blank with a few things 😉

Maybe you are waiting with great anticipation, maybe even with a little fear or trepidation, for a very tangible answer to a long-awaited prayer?

The writer of Psalm 85 speaks promise and caution to those of us who are waiting on God to align our circumstances with our beliefs.💞

When we’re waiting for healing to happen, money to come, reconciliation to unfold or opportunities to arise, we can rest assured in the very Presence of Peace, knowing that He will make a way!

Verse 8 promises that when we listen carefully to what God alone says, (verses what the world screams or our emotions bellow), our peace is directly impacted!

It also warns us that when we turn our ear to anything or anyone but Him, we open the door to become tempted to return to our “foolish ways”.

We’ve no need to fear or to try to figure things out, for our faithful Father promises His peace (that exceeds all understanding) to guard our hearts while we wait on His perfect timing.

So I invite you to join me today and take Him at His Word, trusting that “It’s handled.” 🤗


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