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It Shouldn't Matter, but it Does

Did you know that there is healing power in tears? (Not just, “the wind is blowing so my eyes are watering” kinda tears, but emotional tears.)

Emotional tears shed hormones & other toxins which accumulate during stress AND they cause the body to produce endorphins, our body’s natural pain killer & “feel-good” hormones.

Why am I writing about tears? Because I shed a whole lot of ‘em last night...

As I was heading to bed after my boohoo session, my son, Tommas, called me out of the blue to ask how I was. I replied with a surface “good,”, but he’s a feeler & he knew something was off. What he didn’t know was that I spent the last 30 minutes of prayer @ church boohooing before the Lord.

He leaned into the convo & said, “Word on the street says otherwise.” He went on to tell me about a song that he’s learning called, “Shouldn’t matter, but it does.”

When he said the title it shot through me like a rocket! I had just finished telling Markel how I KNOW Truth in my head and my heart, but there’s a disconnect with my emotions. Like I KNOW God is good.

I might not know what tomorrow holds, but I KNOW He’s holding it.

I KNOW He has, is & will continue to provide for all of the things that lay heavy on my heart...& yet tears continue to flow at the most random of times. It shouldn’t matter but it does...

Psalm 17 begins with, “O, Lord...hear my cry for help.” As I read how David‘s plea, I wondered if his “cry” was accompanied by tears?

There’ve been many seasons where, I’ve boxed up emotions & taped it shut with faith, thinking much like the song title, “It shouldn’t matter, but it does...”

Y’all, God created us & in His strategic love & compassion, biochemically gave us tears as a gateway to transformation. He created them & they have healing properties, so therefore they are good! No longer do we need to hide our tears, especially from Him 🤗

When I faced Him in praise & prayer last night, laying it all before Him w mascara running, snot pouring & choking on my words, healing began to happen. Nothing changed, but when we position ourselves face to face with our Father, we can proclaim like David did in v 35 👉🏽that we are “satisfied” 💕


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