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Jesus IS Peace, but it’s not His Purpose.

When I was little, a massive tornado spun its way through our yard, littering it with uprooted trees that’d been tossed like lawn darts.  I remember the moment leading up to the storm. The wind that’d been blowing through the greenish sky, suddenly stopped & then my mom brought us to the basement while sounds like a freight-train roared overhead.

Whenever the wind begins to swirl, those memories surface. I recognize it because I’ve been through it. Jesus warns people in Luke 12, that even though they can read the wind & weather, they don’t know how to interpret the present times.

Last night, as I scrolled through headlines, feelings of peace faded. Full term aborted babies found, the WHPS announcing puberty blockers for kids is “best practice”, elementary teachers leaving schools because they can’t teach gender choice & masturbation…that’s just a few that had me scratching my head in wonder. How can so many be stuck in political opposition rather than addressing the moral rot in our nation?

Y’all, Jesus IS Peace. It’s one of His names. His purpose, however, was not peace, but division.

When we put a stake in the ground of Truth, not your truth my truth nonsense, but in the unchanging Truth of God’s Word, even families divide.

I don’t want to be divided, but I DO want to be ready for the return of my Messiah.

He tells us that to whom much is given, even more will be required. I am aware of the grace I’ve received. I’M not to divide, Jesus came to sift & separate. I’m called to reconcile.

Not only do I want to be ready, I want all who stand in opposition to my belief to be ready too! I pray they’d witness God’s operating grace in my life as a visual that they can receive the same!

Oh, that our lives would become a trophy of grace amidst the evil that abounds!

The times are telling. All that’s swirling about is an indicator of what’s to come. Are we ready?

Oh Father, help us interpret the times! They are only perilous when our eternal future isn’t secure. Jesus, you came to divide, but you also came for reconciliation! Divide us from sin that so easily entangles & may Your operating grace in our lives serve as a visual that others can receive the same!


LUKE 12:35-59

PSALM 78:56-64



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