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JESUS | Our Well Who Never Runs Dry

Years ago, I had this thought: To be discontent is to be in want of content.

I felt discontent yesterday & the feeling of “want” bled into the wee hours of this morning.

I said something in the bathroom as I was getting ready & Markel said, “Pardon me?” I repeated myself & he said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you - can you say it again?”

At that point I was a little grrrr, not because he couldn’t hear me, but because I realized that my words were a complaint not worth repeating. 🙄

King David pours out his heart like water before the Lord in Psalm 26 & then ends his plea with praise, declaring how he loves the sanctuary of the Lord. Even when things felt awry, he chose to stand in the sanctuary of the Lord & “publicly praise Him.”

When we learn alarming news, or our spouse let’s us down, our children let us down, or heck, WE let ourselves down, the feelings of discontentment can creep in - this always seems to happen when we seek sanctuary apart from Jesus.

Jesus has many names...three that surfaced for me this morning are:

💧The Word

💧The Well

💧& The Living Water

When we seek to quench our thirst for peace, satisfaction or joy from any source other than The Well, we will always thirst for more.

Jesus proclaimed that He IS Living Water, He provides in such specific ways that we need never thirst for anything or anyone except for Him!

When we allow The Well to become our Source of Living Water by soaking in His Word, like David, we find ourselves standing on solid ground!

Father, when troubles & people weigh us down, remind us of your invitation to stand firm in Your is only there that we remember our need of You alone...yes, it is there that we can enter the great exchange of constant complaining for public praise! Let our lives testify to the goodness of our God, for when we look to You to satisfy our thirst, we find The Well that never runs dry along with everything else we need. Guard us from discontentment and remind us that the only “content” we truly want is You, our Well Who Never Disappoints Nor Runs Dry.

August 3rd One Year Bible Readings 2 Chronicles 33:14-34:33 Romans 16:10-27 Psalm 26:1-12 Proverbs 20:19



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