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Joy That Makes No Sense Can Only Come With a Firm Foundation

Last night I sent the lyrics of a song I’ve had on repeat to my son, Isaiah, as a reminder to both of us that it does not matter what storms of life come…rain WILL come & wind WILL blow, but we need not be shaken for our house is built on a Bedrock Who holds us firm.

Isaiah 1st shared that song with me after he heard it at Passion conference. When he did, goosebumps rose from head to toe as the lyrics ministered to deep recesses in my heart.

This past year has been a doozy. I’d hoped that the start of a new year would also be the start of no more hard things, but the storm winds continue to blow. If it hadn’t been for Jesus as my Rock Who holds me steady, I think the wind & waves may have ovretaken me like a typhoon!

The song is called, “Firm Foundation” & right after the lyricist proclaims,

“Christ is my firm Foundation

The Rock on which I Stand”,

he writes something that catches the listener, (at least me anyway), off guard.:

When everything around me is shaking

I’ve never been more glad”

Wait, what? Glad?

I can’t say that I’ve “never been more glad” when everything around me is shaking.

King David writes about this in Psalm 16. He begs God to keep him safe. But then? Then he proclaims what he knows without hesitation & follows it with a resolution & reminder:

“You know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken for he is right beside me. No wonder my heart is glad…”

That word for shaken means to totter, shake or slip. When rains come & winds blow, it can be hard to stand steady with faith that doesn’t teeter, totter or slip. Sometimes the very real circumstances unfolding before us present themselves as more true than the Truth we know…our firm Foundation!

Father, thank You for Your Son Who died without hesitation so that He might become our firm Foundation. When things feel shaky, let us not be stirred. Your Presence gives us joy that makes no sense!

Strengthen our faith as we remember that even if the things we face result in death of our earthly bodies, that we get to spend eternity with You! Whatever the result may be, we ALWAYS win because You conquered death! You are God with us & we will not be shaken for You will not fail us now!

GENESIS 37:1-38:30

MATTHEW 12:22-45

PSALM 16:1-11

PROVERBS 3:27-32


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