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Keep Building & Let the Rain Speak

The faith of Noah sometimes leaves me speechless. For 100 years, every deafening blow of his hammer filled the quiet, morning air with the coming judgement of God.

I cannot fathom the faith required to build an ark in the middle of a desert where rain had never fallen.

There’s no record of communication with the people around him, but I can easily imagine the hecklers who could’ve impeded the process.

It simply says that in the 500th year of his life, Noah began to wholeheartedly follow God Who warned him about coming things that had never before happened.

100 years later, he loaded up the ark 7 days before the rain began to fall. I often wonder if he could hear the people outside the ark making fun of him & his family who were holed up inside waiting in faith?

I also wonder if his sons were angry because of what their dad’s obedience required of them?😳

Noah didn’t stop building the ark to explain himself. He just kept building in faith & eventually the rain did the talking.

It is impossible to please God without faith & sometimes He asks us to do big, inexplicable things. Noah didn’t go the way of culture. He sought his God Who gave him clear (& seemingly crazy instructions) that eventually saved his family.

There are many cultural things we are all facing that require discernment & decisions that may affect the temporary happiness of our children.

I believe we are in a Noah moment in history where we’re called to continue to build the kingdom of God, & it begins first with our individual families. Every decision we make is a reflection of who or what we’re following.

Like in the days of Noah, a day of judgement unlike anything that’s ever happened is coming. Unlike Noah, however, we have the Good News of the Gospel to share with anyone who will listen.

We all have a part in building God’s kingdom & it requires wisdom & perseverance to keep hammering away with decisions & conversations that speak boldly to Whom we are following. We’ll experience naysayers even within our own families, but like Noah, I believe the difficulties of the coming rain will speak & people will be looking for an ark...will we be ready to share our faith of The One Who Saves?

EZEKIEL 24:1-26:21

HEBREWS 11:1-16

PSALM 110:1-7



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