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Keeping Cadence with our Creator

Genesis 1:1 starts with these 3 words:

“In the beginning…”

So appropriate for January 1st! There is something exciting about new beginnings, right?

My husband asked me how I’d rate 2021 & I quickly replied, “If I were to answer in my flesh I’d say it’s probably 1 of the top 5 suckiest years of my life.”😬

He visibly exhaled, sat back on the couch & said “Wow! Tell me about that…”

If I’m gonna be honest, I felt a little mad that he asked me to retell the hard moments of 2021…I mean he already knew them all because he walked through them with me!

When I finished the rehash of hard things he gently said, “I don’t have a memory like you, Kimberly…after hearing you recap things, I understand why it was so hard. The beautiful thing, however, is that we serve a God of new beginnings. I am confident that this next year will ‘return what the locusts have eaten.’”

If you look at the pattern of creation, God separates, forms, then fills.

Days 1-3, He separates:

1 Light from dark

2 Water from sky

3 Earth from sea

Days 4-6, He forms & fills:

4 Forms sun to fill the light & moon & stars to fill the dark

5 Forms creatures to fill the water & birds to fill the sky

6 Forms people & land animals to fill the earth

Then, on the 6th day when it’s all separated, formed & filled, He gives vegetation for food & demonstrates rest on the 7th day.

As we step into this new year with great expectation, & perhaps like me with a desire for a fresh start, how might our year end up if we followed the Creators cadence of work & rest?  He worked for six days, but also gave us what we needed on that 6th day & then ceased from all His labors on the 7th.

This past year would’ve been awful without keeping the cadence of my King! His cadence is one of purpose, order AND includes rest!

Father, thank You that You are a God of new beginnings! Help us separate from things that are distractions from the future You intend. Form in us a heart to follow Your lead & fill us with the character of Christ. When we are filled with Emmanuel, we can freely give as you’ve given & Rest In Your Peace, without fear of the future.

💡GENESIS 1:1-2:25

💡MATTHEW 1:1-2:12

💡PSALM 1:1-1:6

💡PROVERBS 1:1-1:6


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