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Knowings > Feelings

Last night, my friend & I taught the first part of a parenting class. I’d been up since 3am & was beyond exhausted when I arrived. As I waited for her arrival, I received a text from one of my sons & it said this:

Our circumstances might change

the way we feel, but they shouldn’t 

change the way we know God.

Knowings > Feelings

It was exactly what I needed to hear. My fickle feelings begged for me to bail, but this short text reminded me of Who I know:

My God Who Never Fails

When my guys were little we started, “The God of…” journal. It was a place to record remembrances that would later become rock-like reminders of God’s faithfulness!

Today, as I read Psalm 18, it felt like a page from a “God of” journal! It was written by David the day God finally rescues him from the murderous pursuit of Saul.

He begins with a declaration of his love for the Lord, then writes remembrances of The God Who is his:







Lord who is worthy of praise


God who hears me

God who fights for me

God whose approach is sometimes shrouded in darkness…

David intimately knew God by each & everyone of those names!

The crevices of the cliffs where they hid from Saul became a reminder of God, his Fortress of protection.

As he fled, he came to know God as His Place of safety.

And as he waited for a seeming slow rescue, God revealed himself as The Lord who hears & Whose approach is sometimes shrouded in darkness.

Y’all we can have confidence as we call upon The God of___. 👈🏽Fill in the blank with Whom you know God was, is & is yet to come!

Let David’s remembrances of Who God was to him become a reminder of Who you know!

Father, thank You that You are a God above all Who sees all! You are our Fortress Who will not fail. When fleeting feelings fill our minds may we remember that knowings are FAR greater than feelings!

Sometimes Your approach seems long in coming & veiled in darkness. Remind us that we serve a God Who is worthy of praise even in the wait for your rescue! When darkness seems to prevail & fickle feelings attempt to take over, remind us Who You are & What You’ve done! We entrust our feelings to You, the God in Whom we Know!

GENESIS 41:17-42:17

MATTHEW 13:24-46

PSALM 18:1-15



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