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Learning to Live a Suitcase-Kinda Life

I appreciate routines & schedules as they are tools that help me achieve my goals. Whenever I am away from home, however, these systems can easily go to Hades in a hand basket because I am in new surroundings & don’t have all the comforts of home.

Although helpful most times, the problem with routines is that while they provide consistency for current goals, they also make room for complacency with Christ-centered goals. Before I know it, I am living life for the temporal things before me rather than raising my gaze to eternity. The bottom line is that I forget that my days are numbered.😳

As I sit here in my friend’s home, a home that has housed three generations of folks, Psalm 38 offers a fresh perspective. I have loved this passage over the years because, as get-it-done-girl, it gently reminds me that we are not promised tomorrow.

David asks the Lord to remind him that his days are numbered - that his life is but a breath. He writes that he is God’s guest, a traveler passing through, as were his ancestors before him.

Y’all when you are a guest in someone’s home, you don’t settle completely. You live a suitcase-kinda life for a brief period before you return to the comforts of home.

This passage has me longing to remember this morning that we are called to just that 👉🏽 a suitcase-kinda life, living as “God’s guest” until He calls us home...

Father, remind us this morning that we are simply travelers passing through, that we are not promised tomorrow. Holy Spirit, help us keep an eternal perspective that guards us from contending for anything but Christ alone. May our routines simply serve to free us up for more of You. You are the only Treasure worth pursuing. May we think of the future generations that will follow us & place far more emphasis on the spiritual legacy we leave instead of simply accumulating wealth that is here today & gone tomorrow. God, show us where You are at work so we may adjust our schedules to join You. We are merely a traveler passing through...may the mark we leave be value that’s proved eternal. Yes, help us live a suitcase-kinda life that reminds us we are not promised tomorrow. 🧳💕

August 24 One Year Bible Readings

Job 12:1-15:35

1 Corinthians 15:29-58

Psalm 39:1-13

Proverbs 21:30-31


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