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Letting the Past Be A Lesson, Not a Life Sentence

My husband & I were in Athens, GA yesterday hanging with our son & his friends before the big football game. I met a sweet girl who recently graduated & she said something that caught my attention.

Unlike most, high school was a time when she followed the Lord wholeheartedly, but college, she said, kinda gave her permission to do whatever. She shared that her heart longs to return to how it was before, but she doesn’t feel like it’d be right considering all of the water that’s passed under her college season bridge,

I said the only thing that came to mind: “His blood is enough...past, present & future sins are covered by the Blood of our Sacrificial Lamb!

We need not “do” anything, in fact there isn’t anything we CAN do to “clean up” to return to our Savior. We need only return. He’ll take it from there if we allow Him Lordship positioning in our hearts.”💝

In Jeremiah 31, the rebellious Israelites cry out, “Turn me again to you & restore me, for you alone are the Lord my God. I turned away from God, but then I was sorry. I kicked myself for my stupidity & was thoroughly ashamed...”

The Lord tenderly replies with this,” Is not Israel still... my darling child?” He proclaims His love & longing for their return.

What I find fascinating is that God calls Israel, “My virgin Israel” even after all their waywardness!

Time & again God calls Israel His wayward daughter because she continually gives her heart away to other lovers over her Lord God. And yet, in their return, He calls them “virgin”.

It’s so easy to become wayward. There is so much vying for our time, attention & talents today, & we, much like Israel, can wander from The Way.

But God in His deep love for us, calls us His VIRGIN daughter! 

Because when Christ enters the scene, His blood makes all things new, every nook of our lives is washed white as snow!

I have a wayward past & sometimes it creeps up from my memory banks. At this point, I know it’s just history...I cannot go back & change it, but it IS forgiven completely by my Savior Who bought me with the price of His life! 

The enemy wants us to become a prisoner of our past but Jesus set us free! We are His darlings! Let’s live like it!

💡JEREMIAH 30:1-31:26

💡1 TIMOTHY 2:1-15

💡PSALM 87:1-7

💡PROVERBS 25:18-19


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