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Living the Still Life

I feel a little snarky inside this morning. Do you ever awaken like that? The rumblings inside have to do with rumblings in our nation & world. I’ve begun writing several sentences & then promptly deleted them because every time I’m about to type the period, I hear the Holy Spirit’s whisper, “Peace, be still, Kimberly.”

David penned that foundational phrase of what it looks like to follow Jesus in Psalm 46. He begins with a reminder of our Source of strength when troubles come, but I get the sense that he’s got a, “Come on! Bring it!” perspective. “Let the earthquakes rumble, let the mountains quake & let the seas surge because MY God dwells with me!”

It’s not that David ignores the shaking around him. He acknowledges & even gives voice to it, but greater STILL is that He acknowledges The One who  commands us to, “BE STILL & know that I am God!”

The word “be” is a state of being verb. When my heart wanted to complain about the many things this morning, He whispered, “Be still…”  The state of my heart had nothing to do with being still. My thoughts raced, my breath was short & my heart pitter-pattered in a cadence not fit for my King.

The word “still” means to sink, relax or cease. My body may have been still, but my insides weren’t. For just a brief moment, I’d forgotten Who I followed. Like I KNOW Him, but I fixed my gaze on the mountains before me instead of my Almighty Fortress Who wins EVERY battle! He alone makes wars cease to the very ends of the earth!

There is a whole lotta shaking happening in our world right now. Sometimes things feel so beyond repair that our insides feel shaky, but what if:

👉🏽We let the shakable things become a reminder of The Unshakable One?

👉🏽We let the “earthquakes & surging seas” become a tool to remember the words of David & the similar echoes of Jesus when He said, “Peace, be still…”?

Jesus, You are Peace. It is only with our gaze fixed on You & feet following Your steps that that we can live the still life! When our eyes begin to wander & our thoughts begin to wonder in fear, whisper Your rock-steady reminder that You are Emmanuel, God with us, so that the surgings insides can cease & we CAN indeed be still!

March 3rd One Year Bible Readings LEVITICUS 27:14-NUMBERS 1:1-54 MARK 11:1-26 PSALM 46:1-11 PROVERBS 10:23


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