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Living the Unseen Life

The other day I posted something to my story that I initially had a pause much so that I texted Markel to ask his thoughts. His reply gave me the “go ahead”, but after talking last night, he said he misunderstood what I was asking.😢

Our family’s life verse has always been 1 Corinthians 10:31 👉🏽It was a framed central part of our home & the mission was brought to mind simply by asking, “Does this decision, word or action reveal His glory?

My son, Tommas, called to ask about the “why” behind my social media story. He spoke truth & said that he knows how encouraging I am, so he wanted to understand why.

I am grateful for his questions as they cause me to pause & inspect my heart. The more I pondered that post, the heavier my heart became.

Then when I opened my One Year Bible this am to Paul exhorting believers to do what is best for others so many may be saved, my heart sank...deep.

I went to the gym to workout and process before I wrote this post. As I was wrapping up, a song surfaced on my playlist that speaks to the idea of being in over our head with Jesus...going beyond the safety of the shore, in over our head, fully submerged IN Him!

As I listened, I heard this question:

✨Kimberly, is your life so submerged with your Savior that you remain unseen?✨

Well, not in the moment that I posted my why was not for His glory. My why wasn’t about Him being seen. My why wasn’t necessarily wrong, but it wasn’t weighty enough to make the public post right😳😔😑

Y’all, as Christians, we live in a very public culture where many will draw near to inspect our lives - and that’s not only ok, it’s good!

I want many to draw near to INSPECT so that they might CONNECT with my Savior inside!

Oh, Father, lead us to the lofty heights where our very presence is imperceptible...may the only seen thing in our lives be You alone. May Your Powerful Presence override mine for all time. Forgive me for the moments when my opinion surpasses your glory. Search me, O God, & know my heart. See if there is ANY offensive way in me & lead me in Your Way alone. Whatever we do, thought, word or deed, may we be so submerged in our Savior, that we remain completely unseen.

August 16th One Year Bible Readings

💡Nehemiah 11:1-12:26

💡1 Corinthians 10:14-33

💡Psalm 34:11-22

💡Proverbs 21:14-16


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