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Loving Peace Guards the Gate That Leads to Crabby Land

I can’t say that I always “love peace”. Sometimes my insides feel crabby & I say or do things that bring turmoil to my surroundings.

Yesterday was one of those days. It was Saturday and all I WANTED to do was something fun, but responsibilities like budget, bills & taxes were calling out with urgency. 

My husband was kind to make me a yummy breakfast while I trudged my way through the drudgery, but my heart set up shop in Crabby Land. I was short with my words & distant with my affection. 

I kinda wish I would’ve read Psalm 37 yesterday as it may have altered my heart-stance to the land of peace instead of the negative place that felt good for me and awful for him 😬

The whole chapter tells of trusting the Lord & reminds us of the promises that pop up when we love peace more than the problems before us.

In fact, verse 17 promises that a wonderful future awaits those who love peace!

Peace is a fruit of the Holy Spirit that resides within AND it’s a name of Jesus! When we allow Him Lordship over our thoughts, decisions, words & actions, His very Presence becomes our Source of Peace!

Father, we thank you for the reminder that when we put our hope in You, we can travel steady because we are following You! We need never slip into

Crabby Land when we keep our gaze fixed on The Way before us!

Thank you, Father, for rescuing us-even from ourselves! When hard things happen, remind us to love Peace more than the problems before us. Lift our chin from the circumstances of the moment to lock eyes with our Lord who is & ever will be our Source of Peace!

LEVITICUS 9:7-10:20

MARK 4:26-5:20

PSALM 37:30-40



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