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Make Way for the Master Planter

Today I read the parable about the sower & the seeds and realized something not so awesome…depending on the day, my soil & success of the seed just might differ.😑

Jesus tells of a farmer who sows seed & the subsequent success of the seed (or lack thereof) depending on the soil that received it.

🌱Seeds that fell on a foot path were quickly eaten by the birds.

 👉🏽 This represents those who hear the word & don’t understand it. There are days I read the Bible & leave early without understanding because my to do list is oh-so-long… The lack of understanding leaves a wide open door for the enemy to snatch Truth away from our hearts😳

🌱Seeds  that fell on shallow soil with rock beneath it sprouted quickly, but also wilted quickly for lack of deep roots. 

👉🏽This is a visual of the days that we fall away from Truth as soon as problems surface. The lack of deep roots make us vulnerable to the enemy’s sly lies.

🌱Other seeds fell among thorns that choked out the tender plants. If there were any soil that represents my hard days, it’d be this.

👉🏽The thorns are a picture of the worries of this life & how they choke out the seeds of Truth that would trump even the worst of circumstances.

🌱Lastly there are seeds that fell on fertile soil & produced crops that 30, 60 & even 100xs more than what was planted!

👉🏽This is the kinda soil I seek to have on the daily…a heart that truly listens long to understand God’s Word SO THAT seeds of Truth might take deep root & result in an inexplicable harvest in the lives of those around me!

Father, help us to create margin in our lives that makes way for our Master planter! Help us deal sparingly with the things this world thrusts upon us so that our soil remains a rich place to receive Your Word!

That we are invited to do much is inevitable.

👉🏽That we DO too much is a choice.

Help us choose You!

Give us eyes to see & ears to hear Your seeds of Truth! Regardless of the birds, rocks or thorns that come, may our roots grow deep & produce a harvest that is beyond anything we can fathom or imagine!


January 19th One Year Bible Readings

GENESIS 39:1-41:16

MATTHEW 12:46-13:23

PSALM 17:1-15

PROVERBS 3:33-35

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