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Meddle Not With Idle Questions

Although Satan cannot read our minds, I often wonder if he can influence our thoughts.

I recently experienced a battle in my mind after I prayed out loud. During my prayer & immediately afterward, thoughts flooded in that were not Truth👉🏽accusing thoughts of unworthiness.

I don’t typically battle with this so it felt like it flew in from left field. I left the gathering early to process through the garbage that littered my thoughts. It felt like the enemy flooded the moment with darkness & I chose to remain in it...not only did I remain, I came into agreement with the deception.

Paul tells Titus to not get involved in foolish discussions, because they are useless & a waste of time. Even though he was referring to divisive arguments with others, I believe the same exhortation is true of our thought life.

When the enemy assails us with deceptive accusations, we can remain in the dark shadow of his presence or immediately step into the Light of the Lord.

And we can actually make the enemy impotent by proclaiming like Paul in Romans 7:24-25. He confessed, “What a wretched man am I, but thanks be to the Lord Jesus Christ!’

Yes, without the blood of the sacrificial lamb, we would be all of the wretched things the enemy calls us, BUT THANKS BE to the LORD Jesus Christ!

Psalm 100:5 says, “God made us & we are His!”

Just like he did with Eve, the enemy asks idle questions to tempt us to question Truth, but as sons & daughters of God, we have a responsibility to let our response be praise & thanksgiving! When Jesus became our Savior, our old self died & our new identity simply became, “His”!

When we remember what He’s done, we can fall out of agreement with shame, guilt or even self imposed laws that God didn’t intend! He loves us so much that he died to set us free from sin, even the sin of self imprisonment.

Father, help us to meddle not with idle questions. Bring liberty over every area of captivity, especially in the unseen realm of our thought life. Turn enemy accusations into intel, informing us how to pray. Guard us from falling into agreement with lies, & instead proclaim, “But thanks be to MY Lord Jesus Christ who conquered death so I might be free!”

💡JEREMIAH 51:54-52:34

💡TITUS 3:1-15

💡PSALM 100:1-5

💡PROVERBS 26:18-19


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