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Oh, How He Loves Us!

Whenever people say, “God loves you”, I sometimes miss the mighty impact of the Truth because of all of the pressures & stresses of life.

Like I KNOW He loves me, but sometimes, it doesn’t feel like it.  

Today as I read Song of Songs, I felt awestruck  by the revelation a little phrase gave about the depth of His love for us.

The book is written by King Solomon about his beautiful bride, but some say it is an allegory of God’s love for us.💞

7:5 tells us that “The king is held captive… {by his bride}…”

What a specific visual, right?

Can’t you see the groom standing at the altar with great anticipation for his bride to begin walking down the aisle…and then when she does?! 

His heart beats WILDLY out of his chest as he is fully captivated by her beauty when her very presence finally draws near… 

I’ve always thought about being, “Captivated by our King”, but did not quite catch the reverse of that until this morning…

👉🏽that He’s held captive by His bride (you & me), longing with great anticipation for her to give her heart WHOLEheartedly, but loving her enough to let her choose.

Oh, how He loves us,

how He loves to love us,

& longs for us even,

to return His steady gaze of overwhelming love 💞

I am praying for anyone reading this today, that you might fully comprehend the Father’s love for you,

right now, 

in this moment,

with no, “clean up on aisle 9” needed!

Come to Him as you are.

Not only did Jesus make us white as snow, covering our sin with his death, He longs to be Lord over us SO THAT sin will no longer be lord over our lives. 

All it takes is a return to His gaze & a whisper…

“I love you too…. Jesus, come into my heart as my Savior. I want to become one with You as a bride with her groom. Be Lord over the secret recesses of my life, because we both know their not a secret to You 😉. Lead me Your Way for my way always leaves me wanting for more. May I be captivated by the only Lord & King Who is captivated by me…”

SONG 5:1-8:14


PSALM 51:1-19

PROVERBS 22:24-25


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