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On Becoming New Wineskins That Won’t Burst

We attended a marriage conference last week & the revelation we received was so great, that we want to share it with anyone who’ll listen. Even though the information was new & at times SUPER uncomfortable to hear, we’ve both put it into practice. The transformation we’ve experienced in just one week is astounding!

As I read Jesus’s illustration in Luke 5 about the dangers of putting new wine into old wine skins, it made me chuckle. I kinda feel like we are entering the “old” category of age.

What’s fascinating about the wine skin story is that Jesus isn’t just referring to age, but maybe a scientific principle.

Some Bible scholars believe that Jesus wasn’t talking about a fermented, intoxicating wine, but of “must,” a non-intoxicating beverage, which could be kept safely in new leather bottles.

If it was placed in old skins, which had previously contained ordinary wine, particles of albuminoid matter that adhered to the skin would cause fermentation. It changed the chemical composition of the new wine, resulting in gas to develop in the new wineskins which may make them burst.

Jesus’s teaching is fresh & powerful! It is not fettered by old laws or hampered with old traditions & rituals. The old wineskins of the Scribes & Pharisees could not contain the new revelation because their skins were not only old, but their strict adherence to the law stuck to their very core, making them unable to receive the Word without changing its composition or meaning.

Jesus is looking for simple, unrefined men 

who will receive his teaching like untainted children & then pass it on pure & unadulterated to other simple, earnest men!

One practice we learned was the idea of blessing each other’s spirits to lead. We are comprised of spirit, soul (mind, will & emotions) & body. Too often we let our thoughts & feelings lead our body, leaving the spirit trail behind. We are on a 30-day challenge of blessing each other’s spirits, calling them to attention to lead our soul & body into alignment with the Holy Spirit’s purpose for the day ahead!

Wanna join us?

Father, help us abandon old mindsets so we may become new wineskins to receive Your powerful Truth! Bless our spirits to lead!

NUMBERS 36:1-13


LUKE 5:29-6:11

PSALM 66:1-20

PROVERBS 11:24-26


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