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Painful Things That Are True Do Not Negate God’s Truth

I was on a Zoom call yesterday when my phone began to blow up with calls & texts from my youngest son. When I finally muted my meeting to answer, my heart skipped a beat as he told me with a panicky voice that he hurt his leg while leading at a church camp.

All of the logistics flooded in, the fact that he’s in FL, wondering how I can help, if insurance would cover costs, his ability to play basketball…

There was nothing I could do from a distance but pray while he went to ER.

As the day ensued, I continued to pray for peace to cover my son, for inexplicable healing, for favor with finances…the one prayer that kept rising to the top, however, was that his faith wouldn’t falter.

I kept thinking, “Lord, even though this painful thing is true, remind Zay that it doesn’t negate Your Truth.”

As I read Romans this morning, that prayer surfaced as I came across 5 different sentences using the word “true.”

The Greek definition means not to escape notice. It is something of undeniable reality that cannot be hidden, something that can be attested because it’s been tested!

Of all the true things Paul mentions, this one simple Truth is highest:

God is true.

The Truth of Who He is cannot be hidden despite hard things that seek our emotional attention

We can attest to His Truth because it’s been tested.

Hard things WILL happen this side of heaven, but they don’t negate the undeniable reality that God is good, faithful, & can be trusted!

Praise God that no bones are broken, the camp covered the medical costs & even bought Zay a first class ticket to fly home!💞

We might not understand the deep why behind everything that happens but we can stand firm & attest to His goodness even amidst the test!

Father, we don’t deny what we feel when we face difficult things.. We bring those feelings before You & ask for the Holy Spirit to lead our spirits to Peace.

While we wait for your healing hand (or saving, redeeming reconciling hand) to move, we attest to Your unfailing love! You have, are & will continue to be our rear guard, firm foundation, cloud that covers & fire that goes before! May the enemy shrink back in defeat as we rise up to worship our ever-faithful Father!

1 CHRONICLES 19:1-21:30

ROMANS 2:25-3:8

PSALM 11:1-7

PROVERBS 19:10-12


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