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Perspective is Important | Be Wary of the Way that SEEMS Right

Have you heard the metaphor about boiling the frog? The premise is this: If you place a frog in a pot of boiling water, it immediately jumps out to safety. If you put a frog in a pot of cold water, however, & slowly increase the heat, it becomes sluggish, unaware of the potential danger, & eventually allows itself to be cooked unto death. 😳

I kinda think it’s “frog wash” because who could keep a frog in a pot that long😂, but it IS a great metaphor about perspective.

Proverbs 14:12 warns us that there’s a way before each person that SEEMS right, but it ends in death. 😬

If we only operate on personal perspective, making decisions based on what SEEMS good, we just might find ourselves in a situation that eventually boils us to death-emotionally, relationally, financially & physically! When we make compromised decisions, much like the frog,, we unknowingly place ourselves in a confined pot where we are unaware of slowly developing problems. We may not recognize them until it’s too late!

My 3 older sons are currently in Los Angeles-a city that falls short of its namesake😢. As a mama, it feels like a pot of water that could capture my sons’ gaze, distracting them from all that God intended on the day He knit them together in my womb. It is also fertile ground for them to carry The Living Hope with them wherever they go!

One of my constant prayers is that they wouldn’t be lulled to cultural complacency, forgetting Whose they are, the resurrection power they carry & the holy responsibility to wield it for Kingdom purposes.

Perspective is important. Improper perspective can make us impotent. Proper perspective begins with humility to know we don’t know it all-& never will this side of heaven!

Unless we allow ourselves to be washed in the Word of God & surrounded by wise people who we let ask hard questions, we risk making decisions that SEEM right.

Father, we lay the myriad of decisions we face before You & are willing to revisit one’s we’ve made that maybe placed us in a hot pot! Holy Spirit, we desperately need your discernment! Give us proper perspective to make decisions that ARE right & position us to make Kingdom impact that will ripple to the nations!

JUDGES 9:22-10:18

LUKE 24:13-53

PSALM 100:1-5

PROVERBS 14:11-12


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