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Prayer Changes Everything

Prayer changes everything...

Nothing may immediately change in our circumstances, but when we fix our gaze on the Creator of heaven & earth, letting His Truth penetrate our hearts, something spectacular happens 👉🏽 our perspective changes.

We begin to see the things we pray about through the lens of our Shepherd who leads us.

Rather than focusing on the weighty difficulties before us, we begin to see The One who can lead us through and out of them!

Psalm 131 is a prayer that begins and ends with this:

“...I do not concern myself with matters too great or too awesome for me to grasp...

O, Israel, put your hope in the Lord.”

We will face circumstances “too difficult to grasp” time and again this side of heaven, but they are perfect platforms to remind us that we have a hope that is far beyond a wish! We have a Living and Breathing Hope in Jesus!

Prayer is not about perfect words, but about laying our hopes, fears and imperfections in conversation before our perfect Lord who sees them all anyway. He’s just waiting for us to ask 🤗 (see Luke 11:10)

That shooting star is evidence of His powerful craftsmanship and so are we! May the stars in the sky become a reminder that The One who created us loves us so much that He died for us...He loves it when we express our trust in Him by asking! There is unrivaled power and perspective gained through prayer, so let’s pray!


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