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Preparing for the Opportunity Panic Provides

So I’ve been sensing a nudge to fast. There are many reasons why & I’ve seen several “road signs” pointing in that direction, but to be completely honest, I’ve flicked them away like pesky fleas😬

This morning, as I waited for my coffee to brew, I began quickly deleting unnecessary emails. After I swiped away the last one, I felt led to recover it. I did & much to my surprise, it was about beginning a 40-day fast on March 7th-tomorrow!😳

Fasting isn’t fun. I like food & I really like sweets (but they don’t like me 😂). I need a deep “why” to stay committed to a fast, so when I opened my One Year Bible to Mark 13, I felt sufficiently motivated.

Jesus tells of the start of end times. He describes wars, threats of wars, famine & earthquakes as “birth pains” of what’s to come. Although there’ve been many moments in history that match this description, I can’t help but feel confirmation to prepare my insides for the much that is unfolding outside.

Smack dab in the middle of the description, Jesus  gives the reader a, small, comforting imperative: “Don’t panic.” A little later, He gives another, exhorting us to, “Watch out when these things begin to happen!”


Because, He says, “…this will be your opportunity to tell them about me.”

When Daniel was taken from his homeland, his very identity was stripped of him - his name changed, his attire probably changed to appear fit to stand before the Babylonian king & his diet changed. He knew, much like this time Jesus describes in Mark, that he wanted to be ready & prepared for God to move & speak through him, so he chose to fast.

We are not only facing political wars, but also wars against the identity of this next generation. A massive indoctrination is happening in schools across our nation, public AND private. The need for prayer is great!

We need not panic, but be excited that we are appointed to live at such a time as this! NOW is the perfect opportunity to tell others about The One Who IS Peace amidst the panic! He alone is the answer to the fears we face! I want to be clear-headed & ready to let the Holy Spirit speak through me, how about you? 40-day fast focusing on whole foods starting tomorrow? Join me!

NUMBERS 6:1-7:89

MARK 12:38-13:13

PSALM 49:1-20

PROVERBS 10:27-28

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