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Prescription for Peace

The most basic need of any human is security.  We need to know who we can trust. The problem lies in the fact that we are all fallible & will fail others (& even ourselves) without even trying.

Many things can cause our earth to quake & us to shake; from small family squabbles to big world events that are beyond our control. I’ve never lived through an earthquake, but we did have a tornado rip through our backyard when I was little.

We lost power for days & had to begin the back breaking work of clearing the 22 trees that were uprooted. It was beyond frightening during the storm & the devastation afterward seemed incomprehensible.

Some seasons are like that, where fear is near & security seems scarce. If there were a prescription for peace, I think we’d all run to the pharmacy in those moments to have it filled ASAP!

It may not be physical medicine, but there is a spiritual prescription that’s even better because it’s free & readily available.

The Lord reminds us in Psalm 75:3, “When the earth quakes & its people live in turmoil, I am the One who keeps its foundations firm.”

You might be thinking, “That’s a great reminder, but what do I do with the palpitations in my heart that surface every time I think about...”

Well, Paul gives us a protocol of sorts that promises peace in Philippians 4. It has 4 parts:

1 Don’t worry about anything

2 Pray about everything

3 Tell God what you need

4 Thank Him for all He’s done

Then we are promised to experience peace beyond what we can fathom or imagine!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t think & speak opposing things at the very same time - it’s either one or the other.  We can ponder what feels scary but then turn them into prayers telling The only One worthy of our trust what we need.

If it seems so simple & childlike, well that’s because it is. He’s our good Father who desires nothing more than to prove his faithful nature to His children, so He keeps it simple Simon for our sake :)

Father, thank you that when the pieces & parts of our world shake, we need not quake, for You promise Peace that will keep our foundations firm. We trust You, our Rock who redeems all things for our good & your glory!

💡JEREMIAH 1:1-2:30


💡PSALM 75:1-10

💡PROVERBS 24:17-20


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