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Pride is ALWAYS a Tell-tale Sign of a Coming Fall

I rarely use “always” & “never”, but according to God’s Word, pride is ALWAYS a tell-tale sign of a coming fall.

King Solomon was the wisest man alive & he penned some of the most compelling verses chocked full of wisdom. The underbelly of that wisdom & all of the blessing that comes with it, however, is a temptation to pride. It leads to the promiscuity of his heart & the downfall of his kingdom.

I often wonder when he wrote the book of Proverbs because 16:18 tells us that he KNEW pride goes before destruction & a spirit of hautiness before a fall. Another Proverb promises that pride ends in humiliation, but humility leads to honor. And yet, it seems, he did not heed his own advice.

The Lord clearly instructs his people not to marry foreign women for they may lead their men to follow their little gods. Solomon not only disregards the imperative, it’s almost like he tosses it in the trash when he chooses to marry over 700 foreign women & have an additional 300 concubines!


1 Kings 11 tells us that these women do in fact turn his heart away from the Lord, causing him to do what is evil in the Lord’s sight.

Do you find that as astounding as me? This man had every earthly thing anyone could ever desire, & yet it wasn’t enough. Even though the God of Israel appeared to him twice, he refused to follow the Lord completely.

We are smack dab in the middle of an entire month celebrating pride. It’s jaw-dropping to me that we would celebrate something that is sure to bring a fall…

AND it’s also a great reminder to take a look inside to see where pride might be lurking in the deep recesses of our own hearts.

Where are we stiff-arming God’s protective imperatives that carry weighty consequences?

Father, disgrace is sure to follow pride, & to be honest, it feels like our pride-filled nation is heading to hell in a hand basket…we need You, God, to move in a big way, but start first in us!

Shine your light on any pride in our own hearts, exposing the things that are sure to bring us low. It is only in Your wake that we can avoid a fall. Help us not be wise in our own eyes, lead us to confess self-sufficiency as sin & give us humble hearts to follow Your lead.

1 KINGS 11:1-12:19

ACTS 9:1-25

PSALM 131:1-3


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