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Pride & Perfection will always be a Roadblock on the Path to Purpose

There is a freedom that falls when we confess that we don’t have all the answers. With each year that passes, I begin to know more intimately all that I don’t know 😂

Several years ago, the Lord led me to share the correction & Truth He spoke to me through His Word with anyone who’d listen.

Last June, as my youngest prepared for college & I prepared to resign from the school, I felt a question bubble: To whom will you share the revelation now?

I had a sense of where the Lord was leading, but I didn’t really want to follow...I committed to post about His Word on social media for 1 month & now, 7 months later, I’m stunned that He continues to speak.

If I think about it too much, I feel squeamish inside, but if I’m honest this is what surfaces:

I’ve got nothing of value to share other than what the Lord gives me each day & even then, it’s delivered through the faulty fingers of a sin-stained woman who is saved by God’s amazing grace!

The moment I begin to think about likes, follows or forwards, or go to the other extreme & confess, “Oh, I’ve got nothing to offer today”, pride gets in the way of God’’s purpose.

Proverbs promises us that pride always ends in humiliation, while humility paves the way for honor.

I recently heard comedian Michael Jr. speak about the “why” behind our “what”. 

He shared a clip from a previous show where he asked a random audience member to sing a few bars of “Amazing Grace”.

He sang it beautifully, but when Michael asked him to sing it a 2nd time, as if his uncle just got outta jail & he’d been shot in the back as a kid? Y’all! What came out of that man’s mouth was astounding!

Same song, same singer, different “why”!

Michael said,

“The 1st time I asked him to sing, he knew WHAT he was doing… 

The 2nd time I asked him to sing, he knew WHY he was doing…

When you’re walking in your WHY, your WHAT becomes more impactful because you’re walking out your purpose!”

Pride & perfection will always be a roadblock on the path to purpose. It limits us, distances us from others & keeps us from embracing the Body of Christ.

Humility reminds us that we don’t have all the answers & frees us of pride so we may walk out our why with purpose!

💡AMOS 7:1-9:15


💡PSALM 131:1-3



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