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Progression over Perfection

Last night my son who loves goals asked me if I’d set any New Year’s resolutions. I chuckled inside because I haven’t bought many Christmas gifts yet so I certainly haven’t lifted my eyes out of the weeds of today to think about goals for 2022 😂

I simply replied that I don’t have any aside from wanting to publish my devotional.

He smiled & said, “That’s amazing!” 🤗 & then shared how he decided to ask the Lord for a word or phrase to brand his coming year.

Through a series of cool coincidences, the phrase, “Progression over Perfection” continued to surface before him.

He’s an all-or-nothing kinda guy. If he can’t do something to full completion quickly & perfectly, he’ll choose to move-on-dot-com😂 Choosing to be content with slow steps of progression instead of immediate perfection is HUGE for him!

This morning as I read Proverbs 30:7, I was reminded of our conversation. I felt a giddy anticipation as I wondered what the writer was going to request. He begins with this:

“O God, I beg 2 favors from you; let me have them before I die.”

I stopped reading at the period & pondered this question:

If I only had 2 favors to ask of God that would come to fruition before I die, what would they be?

What would  yours be?

It’s a hard question to ponder, right?

The goal-setter in me was less than enthusiastic about the writer’s answer. He basically asked for help NOT to do something (lie). Then he asked for neither riches nor poverty for an abundance of each might tempt Him to forget about God in his wealth or dishonor God in his scarcity.

Wowza. His requests weren’t so much about goals, but more so about his growth in his relationship with God.

Progression over perfection.

Growth over goals.

Those 2 phrases have me wondering what the coming year may hold if either of those were my guiding mindset? What risks might I take & what things would I release if my aim was simply to grow closer to my God?

He owns cattle on 1,000 hills so we need not strive to earn anything. It’s all ours because we are His! He’s a good Shepherd Who will always lead us to life-giving water! When we make way for Him, we unknowingly make way for The Way to guide us to all that we need!

💡NAHUM 1:1-3:19


💡PSALM 136:1-26

💡PROVERBS 30:7-9


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