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Purity of Heart Guards us from Shipwrecked Faith

I watched a movie on our flight back from LA about women who had been biologically weaponized for warfare against their will. They weren’t imprisoned in a place, but their minds were being co trolled to force their bodies to do what they didn’t want to do. The aim of the avenger was to free these prisoners with an antidote.

When the movie ended, I thought to myself how I sometimes feel that way. Like something inside of me, like pride or hurt, acts like a biological controlling agent against my free will & pushes me to act in a way that afterwards I wish I hadn’t.

David asks the Lord in Psalm 86 to teach him His ways so David may live according to His Truth. David writes, “Grant me purity of heart so I may honor You.”

That word “purity” means undivided, unmixed & free from contamination. It feels like such an oxymoron that God gives us free will & that VERY free will keeps me from doing God’s perfect will! It’s the thing that defiles my heart every time I let it rule & reign!

The apostle Paul writes about this in his letter to Timothy. He reminds his son in the faith that the purpose of his instruction is for all believers to be filled with love that comes from 

- a pure heart 

- a clear conscience 

- & genuine faith

He writes that some people, “have missed the whole point...& have shipwrecked their faith as a result.”😬

Keeping a pure heart is close to impossible apart from our pure & holy God. The further we drift from His will & His Way, our own will & ways become stronger...kinda like a spiritual weapon within.😳

Father, we pray like David this morning & ask for purity of heart so we may walk in Your Way & honor You alone. Help us to keep our consciences clear so we may guard our faith from shipwreck!

When we see scary, hard or hurtful things, & fear begins to rise, remind us that we can trust You with the outcome. The only antidote against our faulty will is to let Yours prevail. We know that priority determines capacity so help us make time with You & Your word a priority today!

November 16th One Year Bible Readings

💡EZEKIEL 33:1-34:31

💡HEBREWS 13:1-25

💡PSALM 115:1-18

💡PROVERBS 27:21-22


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