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Remember to Look Up!

Have you ever looked at something right in front you, then refocused your eyes on something in the far distance? I think it a wondrous thing how our eyes can work like a magnifying glass then suddenly transition to a hubble-like telescope with a mere thought!

I am a detail girl who often feels at home in minutia. The problem with working in details for a long period, however, is that sometimes you forget to look up.

Today I read about the moment God reminds Abram of a promise given years before. God speaks a covenant blessing, but Abram’s response is tainted by the minutia of the moment.

I giggled with nervous laughter as I read it because it’s almost a little snarky😬 He honors God by addressing Him as “O sovereign Lord,” but then asks:

“What good are all your blessings when I don’t even have a son?”

When you look at the details however, his question kinda makes sense:

• Scriptures clearly tell us that his wife’s womb was barren

• God promised Abram would be a father of nations at the ripe age of 75

• Now Abram is in his 80s & has yet to see the fulfillment of the promise 

If this were a movie, I could see the moment right after Abram asks the question.

He & the Lord are inside his tent.

The silence is deafening & the tension is palpable.

The viewers squirm uncomfortably in their seats as they wonder if the wrath of God just might fall.

But suddenly, God does the most amazing thing…He puts His arm around Abram’s shoulder & takes him outside. It is there, underneath the starry array above, that the Lord says this:

“Look up…& count the stars if you can. That’s how many descendants you will have!”

Abram was focused on the details & needed a gentle reminder to look up to the sky filled with stars that his God put in place!

God knew he couldn’t count the stars, but it was a reminder for Abram (& us!) that there are details FAR beyond our comprehension or imagination when it comes to our Creator God!

I don’t know what you’re facing, but know we serve a God whose promises always prove true.

Father, when circumstances incite unbelief, put Your arms around us & remind us to look up! May we fix our gaze on The only One capable of fixing the things we face!

💡GENESIS 13:5-15:21

💡MATTHEW 5:27-48

💡PSALM 6:1-10

💡PROVERBS 1:29-33


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