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Remembering to Remember

I’m not a gifted decorator & I don’t like chachka, so if I do have knick knacks in my home, there’s most likely a deep why behind them. One of them is a vase of dried wheat that the Lord directed me to buy it after a long season of sifting.

After months of hardship, loss & a major downsize, I felt led to go to Hobby Lobby to buy something to memorialize the moment.

I’m SO not a Hobby Lobby girl & instantly felt my skin begin to itch as I walked into the store that’s known for chachka. 😂 I wandered the cluttered aisles asking the Lord for a visual to remember His faithfulness during this hard season.

After making my way around the permitter, I landed in florals🥴I don’t like fake flowers (aka dust collectors), but as I walked down the aisle, I came across the wheat. As soon as I saw it I heard this:

“The enemy asked to sift you like wheat, Kimberly, but you remained faithful to follow my lead; through the hard & the loss you continued to worship & wash yourself in My Word. You weren’t afraid because you chose to fear Me alone. May this remind you of my faithfulness during the sifting season.”

I wept amidst the dusty florals like nobody’s business. Our God is so faithful to save. We’re sometimes just so busy in our sorrow that we don’t see Him.

That memory of wheat surfaced today as I read about God’s command for the Israelites to remember His power to save. Only 2 men remained of the cazillion people who’d escaped Egyptian slavery by walking through the Red Sea & now He parts the waters of the Jordan River, for the 2nd generation to see His faithfulness.

As soon as the priests’ feet touched the waters edge, it stopped flowing & the river bed was instantly dry! Once the throngs of people made way to the other side, God commands them to build a memorial of remembrance with rocks from the riverbed.

As I close this morning, questions are bubbling. Has the Lord ever saved you from something significant? Has He forgiven something great? Has He provided with extraordinary measure?

How has God revealed His power & faithfulness to you & how might you memorialize it as a reminder for you & your children’s children that our Father is always faithful to save?🌾

JOSHUA 3:1-4:24

LUKE 14:7-35

PSALM 80:1-19

PROVERBS 12:27-28

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