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Remembering Who God is & Whats He’s Done Makes it Easy to Leave Any Fixing in the Father’s Hands

One year ago today, the Holy Spirit whispered a year-long mission that made me feel uncomfortable. I negotiated the mission to a month, but when June ended, I couldn’t wait to walk out His original marching orders & they were this:

“Walk with Me over the next 365 days, beginning each day spending FaceTime with the Father. The year will be filled with high peaks & deep valleys, both of which will require My Presence to proceed. If you prioritize prayer & praise, allowing Me to prune, you’ll be stunned into a state of peace unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Capture our time together & share with anyone who will listen, letting My encouragement, correction & love for you, permeate their hearts SO deep that they too can’t help but desire FaceTime with the Father…”

So, today marks 366 of posting about my time with the Lord…my mom always says that hindsight is 20/20, & boy does it ring true .🤗

As I read about Jesus’s encounter with His disciples after his death & resurrection, I could SO connect with Thomas’s doubt. He had to see the holes in his Savior's hands & put his hand into the wounds in His side to believe. There was no logic large enough to explain Who stood before Him…& yet He did.

Thomas SAW Jesus do MANY miracles in addition to the ones recorded in the Bible, & yet even he struggled to believe.

Y’all, I began each day this past year with My Source of Truth, facing The Word & choosing to take Him at His word, & yet if I’m being honest, I still had moments when I struggled with unbelief…

John 20 ends with a reminder that the Word of God, “was written SO THAT we may continue to believe that Jesus is the Messiah... & that by believing in Him, we will have LIFE by the power of His name!”

We’ll face countless circumstances that appear impossible to overcome & they ARE unless we recall Whom we serve & what He’s done!

It’s in this daily morning memorial time, that our faith is strengthened & we can set our hearts like flint with unwavering belief in The One Who IS the answer to every single problem we face…

So how about we face Him instead of them? Let’s remember Who God is & what He’s done, & leave the fixing in the Fathers hands?💞

2 SAMUEL 18:1-19:10

JOHN 20:1-31

PSALM 119:153-176

PROVERBS 16:14-15


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