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Reminder: You are Currently Living at Least One of the Prayers You Used to Pray

I’m currently on day 49 of praying through Gods promises for something in particular. I can’t share the details, but on day 40 I received word about this situation that took the very breath out of my lungs. It didn’t feel like an answer to my prayers & in fact felt like a ricochet in the opposite direction!

I wrestled that day with the frustration of this reoccurring thought: What’s the point in prayer if all that comes is nothing, or even worse, the opposite of my heart’s desire?

It’s still a tender place as I type…I wish I could fix things, but alas, I’m not God & that’s a good thing!

Matthew 6 talks about prayer, telling us what NOT to do, then giving us a template to follow.

Right before He gives us the framework of the Lord’s prayer, Jesus inserts a quick reminder that should comfort all of our hearts. He promises,

“…your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask him!” Then He says, “Pray like this…”

If you grew up in a church like mine, you might have the verses memorized.

Today, however, as I read them, I was reminded how prayer is far more about our relationship with the Father than about the prayers themselves.

When we say,” Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name”, we remind ourselves Who we worship, Who created us & Who sits above all circumstances of life on earth!

When we proclaim, “May your kingdom come & your will be done”, we remind ourselves that His will & His Way are far better than what I can fathom or imagine as an outcome to my plea.

When we cry, “give us today the food we need”, we are reminded to trust Jehovah Jireh, the faithful Provider of all that we truly need.

When we ask for forgiveness we are reminded to extend that same grace, mercy, love & forgiveness to those who have sinned against us!

And lastly, when we cry out for rescue from temptations & the evil one, it reminds us of the fallen world in which we live, & our desperate need for a Savior!

Father, thank you that we are currently living at least one of the prayers we used to pray & that You know exactly what we need EVEN before we ask! We love You & offer our prayers to You, trusting You with the outcome of our heart’s cry. 

GENESIS 16:1-18:15

MATTHEW 6:1-24

PSALM 7:1-17



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