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Revival Begins with The Restoration of The Temple (& You & I, My Friend, ARE That Temple!)

When Hezekiah steps into kingship at the age of 25, he inherits a big, fat mess.

His father, Ahaz, rejected God during his entire reign, leading his people to do the same. Because of this, God led the King of Aram to attack him.

When King Ahaz’s plan to bribe a foreign nation for help backfired, he smashed the sacred articles in the Temple of God & shut the Temple doors so no one could worship there. He then set up altars to pagan gods on every corner in Jerusalem!😳

As King Hezekiah assesses the state of ruin, he sees the connection to the boarded-up Temple:

⚠️The doors are closed | Access to God is denied

⚠️The lamps are out |Testimony about God is silent

⚠️The incense burners are cold | Prayers to God are absent

⚠️The altar is empty | There are no sacrifices

⚠️The Temple is filled with trash | Neglect of God is evident

He understands that the key to revival is connected to the restoration of The Temple, so in the first month of his reign, he begins the process through:




He urges the priests & Levites to, “neglect your duties no longer!” & the men immediately begin purifying themselves & the Temple.

After 16 days of sanctification, the king commands for sacrifices to begin & songs of praise to fill the Temple.

Singers sing & trumpets blow until every last sacrifice is made, & at last, the Temple of the Lord is fully restored to service!

Y’all, our nation is also in a big, fat mess & in desperate need of revival!

Revival begins with a restoratiom of the Temple, & you & I, my friend, ARE that Temple! Sanctification, sacrifice & song are in order!

DOORS | Is there any area where we’ve denied access to God?

LAMPSTAND | Do we let our lives blaze with testimony about His goodness?

INCENSE | Do we shoot up prayers & praise like arrows throughout the day?

ALTAR | Are our lives becoming living sacrifices, allowing Gods Will & way to reign?

And lastly, have we let our Temple become filled with trash?😬 (what we see, hear, think, eat, do…)

Father, start a revival in our land & start it with us! Fully restore Your Temple to service, making our lives sanctified, offered like sacrifices & filled with songs of your greatness!


2 CHRONICLES 29:1-36

ROMANS 14:1-23

PSALM 24:1-10



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