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Sanctification | Imitation or Impartation?

When I invited Jesus to become Lord over my life in my 20’s, I was a young mama. I had spent many years before that acting as my own “Lord” and it didn’t go so well. 😬 I met many mamas during that time that were visuals of who who I wanted to become...soft spoken & patient; they seemed to never interrupt their husbands & they corrected their children in kindness.

I’m a systems girl so I offered to clean house for a few of the pastors’ wives so I could get an inside glimpse on how to become like them. This was good in theory but here’s the problem:

I was seeking for sanctification via imitation instead of impartation.

👆🏽That is an Oswald Chambers quote that always socks me in the gut 👊🏽😧

Sanctification has been a big-fat enigma for me for a very long time. It comes from a root word that means, “the process of advancing holiness”. Where I sometimes struggle is whether it is indeed a process or a one time thing?🤷🏻‍♀️

Regardless, I stepped out of a dark season & into the Light of Jesus, but I was trying to BECOME light instead of accepting that the holiness of Jesus had become mine. 1 Corinthians 1:30 says that He BECAME sanctification FOR us!

No seeking nor striving needed...simply accept who He is in us & allow His Lordship to reign!

Funny tidbit - at one point during that season, I had changed my speech to sound like the mama I was emulating & my oldest son said, “Mom, why do you suddenly sound like Ms. Kathy?” 😂 Leave it to the mouths of babes to reveal the real...I was imitating rather than resting in the impartation of the consecration that comes from our Savior!

Darkness can feel like it’s coming from inside of us or from the circumstances that surround us. Whichever you may be experiencing this morning, may you remember that Jesus is your Source of light who will always make & reveal His best Way for your life. No imitation needed. No pulling up the bootstraps required. Simply remember that you are His & His holiness is now yours 💕

July 23rd One Year Bible Readings

💡2 Chronicles 8:11-10:19

💡Romans 8:9-25

💡Psalm 18:16-36

💡Proverbs 19:26


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