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Say What You Mean & Mean What You Say

Today I read a short verse & it socked me like a prize fighter in the gut👊🏽

The prophet Malachi is writing to the people of Israel who’ve forsaken the Father. The priests left God’s path, gave faulty instruction tainted by their own favoritism, the people offered worthless sacrifices & the men did not honor their marriage vows.

That’s just a few of the grievances God had against His beloved bride, but the topper was that they questioned His justice.

Malachi writes this one sentence that should have stopped the complainers dead in their tracks:

“You have wearied God with your words.”

Matthew Henry once said,

“Corrupt practices are the fruit of corrupt principles.”

I would add this zinger to his zinger:

“…and corrupt principles are the result of corrupt preferences.”

The priests told the people what their itching ears preferred to hear.

The people went through the motions of sacrifices, even crying on the alter for God to save them.

The faulty words of their shepherd gave them false confidence & their fake sacrifices did nothing with the corruption in their hearts.

The men dishonored their marriage vows & the bride of their youth to pursue  their own pleasures.

The oath between husband and wife is not to be trifled with because God created them to literally become one!

When you read through the Bible, there are many references to Jesus as our groom & His followers as His bride.

He wants to become one WITH us!

But here’s the thing: if we think we can be in union with sin on any level AND be in union with our Holy Groom, we are sorely deceiving ourselves!

As we prepare to step into 2022, it might be worth asking:

❓Do I have a shepherd who is leading me in Truth or am I leading myself towards my own preferences?

❓Am I permitting slight dalliances with sin & then wearying the Groom with words of praise & prayer for rescue?

Father, help us to step into 2022 saying what we mean & meaning what we say. Permit us not to speak meaningless words that weary your heart. Holy Spirit, before we ADD goals, help us  REMOVE anything from our lives that would hinder our union with You. Give us eyes to see what You see & walk into 2022 in lockstep union with You! #OneYearBible

💡MALACHI 1:1-2:17


💡PSALM 149:1-9

💡PROVERBS 31:10-24


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