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See Something? #PraySomething

Imagine a moment in time when a decree was issued by the king to kill, slaughter & annihilate an entire people group on a single day. The ordered included the death of women & children & their property would be given to those who killed them.

This is what happened in the days of Queen Esther. King Xerxes’s right hand man was angry at a Jew who refused to bow down to him, so he cajoled the king into issuing a decree that would destroy all of the Jews! (Little did he know that the king’s beloved Esther was herself a Jew!)

After the decree was sent swiftly to all people in all provinces, the king sat down for a drink while his, “city of Susa fell into confusion.”

I wish I could say that we cannot grasp the utter despair the Jews must have felt, but as we hear about the awfulness of Afghanistan, the history rings with a similar sound.

Did you know that Afghanistan is the 2nd fastest growing church in the world?! I just read a personal account this morning of 20 different Christian pastors in Afghanistan who do not anticipate to make it past this week because the Taliban are going door to door.

I am in a Monday am prayer group & one of the ladies recently coined a term that I feel need spread worldwide:

👉🏽See something? Pray something.

She wrote, “ I’m trying to make it a practice 👉🏽 everything I see/read/watch that is a scheme of the enemy, I am going to say something - in prayer! ”

And here’s the thing, when we just don’t know WHAT to pray, we can simply pray the Word of God! Yesterday & today’s OYB reading includes Psalm 35. We can pray verses 1-18 FOR the Afghan people & church!

When Queen Esther hears of the plight of her people, the most profound thing she “did” was to first fast & pray.

I posted a PS yesterday reminding us that Satan cannot read our minds - the enemy is not omniscient so it is imperative that we speak bold prayers OUT LOUD through the power & authority of the name of Jesus! Let’s be like Esther & fast & pray as a united Body of Christ!

Join me?

See something? #praysomething

Prayer Points:

👉🏽Pray for those still in Afghanistan who need to get out

👉🏽Pray for Christians who are fleeing to the countryside

👉🏽Pray for families, especially women & girls who are forcibly being taken in marriage

👉🏽Pray strength for Christian workers

👉🏽Pray that Taliban members meet Jesus & accept Him as Lord & Savior

Key Scriptures:

Eph 1:1-14; 17-19;

Isaiah 40:28-31; 9:2; 43:10-15; 60:7

Romans 15:5-6

Psalm 27; 46; 35:1-18; 73; 93 ; 121

Mt 5:13

Deut 3:27

2 Chron 20


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