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Sight Incites Fear

The antonym of faith is not fear, but sight. The gift of sight becomes warped when wielded by the enemy. In fact, it’s been his #1 tool of the trade since the beginning of time!

He wooed Eve to fear missing out more than fearing the Father when he whispered might’ve sounded something like, “Come on, Eve! Don’t be such a prude-just take a bite! Your eyes will be opened & you’ll be like God.”

Sad for her & bummer for us, “she SAW that the fruit was good & pleasing to the eyes & also desireable to gain wisdom, so she ate it.”

Can’t you just see the cogs of reason turning in her thoughts? Once she SAW the fruit, reason began to rule over her relationship with God.

The word “saw” means to look at by direct volition-it’s an act of the will.

The phrase, “seeing is believing” takes on a whole new meaning! She SAW what she WANTED to SEE & then changed her moral construct to fit her new belief!

She KNEW what God said. He had never failed her, & yet she feared missing out more than following her Father.

Hebrews 11 is dedicated to retelling exploits of the fathers of faith. Verse 23 tells how Moses parents hid him for 3 months, unafraid of the king’s edict because they SAW that God had given them an unusual child.

The word SAW here is a different root & means to spiritually perceive. I’m sure Moses heard the story of how he was hidden in faith, so it does not surprise me that he would walk in even greater faith! He left the luxuries of the palace & led the Israelites to freedom, “because he kept his eyes on The One who is invisible.”

It is sight that incites unhealthy fear! Fear surfaces when we willfully see things separate from the Truth of God’s Word- we see insufficient resources when we separate ourselves from The Source of all things.

Father, remind us that You alone are the Source of all we need. Fear of the Invisible One is the foundation of true wisdom. Let our only fear be what might happen when we don’t follow You! Even though you are the Invisible One, Your Presence is evident! Give us spiritual perception like you did Moses’s parents. We want to see You above the physical things before us! Give us Father-infused faith & guard us from flesh-focused sight!

November 13th One Year Bible Readings

💡EZEKIEL 27:1-28:26

💡HEBREWS 11:17-31

💡PSALM 111:1-10

💡PROVERBS 27:15-16

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