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Silencing Past Sins

Someone recently reminded me of a conversation I had many moons ago. I don’t recall it-to the point that I question, “Did I really say that?” What I do remember was my heart-stance at that time & it didn’t align with the accusation.

Regardless, I let the conversation aching that I may have said those things & aching more that they were brought to present like arrows within earshot of my sons🥲

Satan is known as the accuser & he loves to use our past sin to keep us locked up in bondage with cuffs of shame & guilt. I know that the blood of Jesus fully washes us of ALL of it, but what do we do with the memories that can seep in like a mist in our minds? 

I spent the remainder of that day ruminating about the past, leaving a wide, open door for the enemy to continue to accuse me of the forgotten words.

Revelation 12:11 has a powerful Truth that I keep in my arsenal of spiritual weaponry. John writes of a time when “the accuser will be thrown down to earth” and the ones he has accused will defeat him, “by the blood of the Lamb & by the word of their testimony.”

The blood of the sacrificial Lamb, Jesus Christ, was shed so that our past sins would be silenced! AND the 2nd part of the equation is just as important: we foil the enemy’s attempts by the word of our mouths! The root word for “testimony” literally means, “speaking to a conclusion.”

We can knead our past sins like dough, thinking & spinning & wishing that we’d done things different OR we can walk in the powerful Truth that the blood was enough AND vanquish the enemy through the spoken word of our mouths.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the enemy is NOT omniscient! He cannot read our thoughts, so thinking prayer, pondering Biblical Truth is far less effective than our spoken word!

Father, the blood of the Lamb was sacrificed for us! We are wretched sinners only saved by Your grace! Remind us to adhere to Truth like super glue & proclaim it out loud for all enemy operatives to hear! May we sing like a songbird set free proclaiming your all encompassing love that silences Satan’s sad attempts to keep us bound by past sin! We are forgiven! We are set free! Bondage no more, Father, let it be!👊🏽



💡PSALM 140:1-13


Here’s a song to our words to your testimony 👊🏽


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