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Silencing Satan | Making Enemy Accusations Fall Flat

Have you ever been accused of something that’s just not true? Or maybe you’ve accused someone of something you later learn isn’t true? Regardless of which side of accusation you’ve resided, both can feel awful.

We need be careful not to come into agreement with accusation AND be wary of letting Satan, the great accuser, tempt us to become his secondary accuser.

So how do we make enemy accusations fall flat?

Jesus was king at that! In fact, I just read of an instance where he shames his enemies…

A woman crippled by an evil spirit for 18 years comes to the temple on the Sabbath. When Jesus sees her, He calls her close, touches her & instantly she stands straight!

The temple leaders, however, are instantly indignant

They pompously tell the crowd that there are 6 days a week for working, so don’t come on the Sabbath to be healed. 🙄

Ridiculous right? I’m pretty sure that’s what Jesus thought because He begins His reply with, “You hypocrites!”

“Hypocrite” means actor, pretender, one who judges under pretense.

Jesus shamed the pretenders with Truth, reminding THEM of work THEY do on the Sabbath!

Luke 13 begins with the Jews judging Jews who’d died in tragedy, accusing them of victimhood due to sin.

Then the passage turns to the religious leaders accusing Jesus of violating the Sabbath.

In both circumstances, Jesus’s reply silences enemy accusations. Whether we are tempted by The Accuser to judge others or we are on the receiving end of false accusation, we too can silence Satan.

Last night I prayed with my dad on the phone & as I did, I felt the enemy whispering doubt…”What if he doesn’t heal, what if praying is one big farce, what if…” by the 3rd what if, I stopped mid-sentence & praised God-for who He is, what He’s capable of doing & that He’s the only Truth I need heed.

Recalling Truth is key to calling OUT the great pretender! Satan is an actor who likes to “play god”, wooing us to follow his whims by accusing with great untruth.

Whether tempted to accuse others or becoming a target of accusation, we make accusations fall flat with Truth about the circumstance & about The One who is our foundation of Truth!👈🏽That’s how we silence Satan!👊🏽


LUKE 13:1-21

PSALM 78:65-72



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