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Sometime Getting Back on Track Inst a Good Thing

I saw this picture of a broken down railroad track yesterday & had an immediate thought:

“Sometimes, ‘getting back on track’ Isn’t a good thing. The quality of ‘good’ is dependent upon the quality of the track & we may altogether need a new one!”

I’ve often pondered the building of the Transcontinental Railroad & how they conquered such a feat pre-so many modern day tools & tech? With its completion, transcontinental travel reduced from months to mere days & the cost fell from $1,000 to $150 per trip!

Although the benefits were substantial, the “iron horse” plowed its way through Native American lands & left ramshackle settlements filled with gambling, prostitution & violence in its wake.

This track brought benefits, but was the cost in making it worth the return?

Living in America is amazing! I’m so grateful for the entrepreneurial people that laid the foundations of our country & inspire many to walk in the same pioneering passion!

The catch, however, is that oftentimes we will lay our tracks in a way that God didn’t intend. We do all the right things to “succeed” & yet the success we chase becomes like an illusive dream-the more we try to take hold of it, the further it fades from our grasp.

Regardless of where we go or how we’ve arrived, one thing is certain: We can never escape from the hovering Spirit of God!

Psalm 139 reminds us that we can:

•Go up to heaven or down to the grave & God is there!

•Ride the wings of the morning or dwell by the farthest oceans & His hand will guide us if we’ll let Him!

•Ask the darkness to hide us, but the Light of His Presence expels all of it!

The end is my favorite to pray because here’s what I know to be true:

I can have the best-laid intentions when I lay the tracks of my life, but what happens if I laid them in the wrong direction? 

“Getting back on track” would continue to take me further from the future God intended! Not only that, I just might plow people down in the process & leave ramshackle settlements in my wake 😳

Oh Father, search us & know our hearts! Test us & bring anything that causes anxiety to the surface. Point out anything in us that offends You & lead us on the tracks of everlasting life!

💡HAGGAI 1:1-2:23


💡PSALM 139:1-24

💡PROVERBS 30:15-16

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