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Sometimes, Busy, Broke & Tired Can Be a Blessing

“Just who is this Son of Man, anyway?”

That’s what the onlookers asked when Jesus spoke of His own death in third person.

He tells this group of Greeks who’d gathered to meet Him that the time had come for the Son of Man to die. That much like a kernel of wheat that is planted in soil & dies, so must He, for from the one seed, a plentiful harvest will sprout!

The Embodiment of Resurrection declares before them that if they desire life, they must first be willing to die. How can something be resurrected if it doesn’t die first?😳

He reminds the listeners that those who love their life on this earth will lose it, but those who care nothing for their life in THIS world, will have life eternal.

I sometimes think that times of plenty can be harder to follow Jesus than impoverished times.

When our boys were little, we had a funny phrase that may ring true for all. When people asked about raising four men, we’d half joking say, “Keep ‘em busy, broke & tired…busy enough to not have time for shenanigans, broke enough to not have money for foolishness & tired enough to not have the energy to do stupid stuff.”

It’s kinda funny & didn’t always work, but the principle rings true for all ages & stages of life this side of heaven, don’t ya think?

Plenty of money, plenty of peace, plenty of time provide margin for great distraction from following Jesus.

The passage tells us that His heart is deeply troubled as He reminds the listeners, “Anyone who wants to be my disciple MUST follow Me, because my servants MUST be where I am….”

There are two “musts” in that sentence….talk about a double imperative! Too much time, too much money & unbridled energy can become a temptation to go places He doesn’t want to take us!

Oh Father, it’s so easy to stumble into darkness when things are good. Do not let the blessings of life distract us from following close behind You even unto death. We thank you for the abundant life that comes from following the Author of Resurrection Life. Remind us that we may be the only Bible some people will ever read. Use the time, treasures & talents You richly provide to cause the onlookers in our life to ask, “Just who is this Son of Man, anyway?”

May 21st One Year Bible Readings 1 SAMUEL 29:1-31:13 JOHN 11:55-12:19 PSALM 118:1-18 PROVERBS 15:24-26


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