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Sometimes, “In Due Time” Can Feel Like a LONG Time

Years ago, just two years into our marriage, I asked the Lord for a child. We’d our first 2 sons before we were married, & my heart longed for another. For some reason I couldn’t get pregnant. I did all the research, graphed my temperature, took medicine, etc. & then one day the Lord whispered a question:

“Do you want another child, Kimberly?”

My quick response was, “Do you not see all the things I’m doing to TRY to have a child? Of course I do, but I can’t make it happen.”

“Exactly,” was His direct reply. He followed it with another question:

“Do you trust Me?”

“Of course…why do you ask?”

“If you trust Me, toss away the striving…the temperature graphs, the medicine & yes, even the thermometer. Let it be a faith offering. I have a wonderful future for your family, will you trust Me with it?”

I cried for a long time as the act of tossing the stuff felt like giving up, but really I was letting go & letting my Lord take the reigns. I remember the moment I finally did it. It’s like a ten ton boulder fell from my shoulder. No more fear, no more striving, just expectant trust that His perfect plan WILL happen in His timing & through His way.

I read two stories that caused that memory to surface today. One of a barren woman who begged God for a baby, “and in due time, she gave birth to a son.”

The other was of the crippled man by the pool of Bethsaida…he’d waited 38 years to be healed, and when Jesus asked him if he’d like to get well, the man simply said, “I can’t sir…”


We do not have the power in & of ourselves to heal ourselves, fix our finances or repair a relationship! My friend just texted yesterday that we are destined to raise the dead…by the power of The One Who conquered death!

We have divine power available to us AND we serve a God Whose timing is impeccable! We cannot operate in His power apart from His will. Everything WILL happen IN DUE TIME, according to HIS will & through His perfect ways.

Are you waiting for something today? Maybe it feels like now-o-clock & you’re tempted to do something about it? Remember this: You can’t but we serve a God who can! Let go, lean in & let the Lord lead. I did & He blessed me with two more sons 💞

1 SAMUEL 1:1-2:21

JOHN 5:1-23

PSALM 105:37-45

PROVERBS 14:28-29

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