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Sometimes Jesus Sends us into a Storm to Teach us that (with Him) We Can Walk on Water

I awakened last night with thoughts racing like a freight train to nowhere. The prior day ended with unexpected news that left me feeling like we’d been hit by an F5 tornado.

After I tossed & turned, asking why the continued hard, I did the one thing that always brings peace. I opened God’s Word & asked Him to speak.

I read how after a long day of miraculously feeding 5,000, Jesus “insists” that the disciples get back in the boat to cross to the other side. After he sends them off, He heads to the hills to pray.

The word “insist” stood out because what happens next is a big, fat storm without their Savior. 

Again the why question surfaced. Why would You insist they get in the boat knowing full well what was swirling in the skies above? 

Immediately this flooded in like an answer to my own why:

Sometimes Jesus sends us into a storm to teach us that (with Him) we can walk on water.


The storm rages until 3am when Jesus finally comes to their rescue.The disciples are frightened, however, because they don’t recognize Him.

(Sometimes storms can feel so scary that we don’t even recognize our Savior when He walks on water before us!)

He immediately speaks 3 simple sentences:

“Don’t be afraid.

Take courage.

I am here.”

When Peter recognizes His Lord, he says, “if it’s really you, let me come to you walking on water.”

Keep in mind, the storm is STILL raging!

Jesus says, “Yes, come.”

Peter hops overboard & begins to walk on water! But the moment he takes his eyes off Jesus, he is terrified by the wind & waves. He begins to sink & cries, “Save me, Lord!”

Jesus immediately reaches out to save him & asks,

“You have such little faith. Why did you doubt me?”

Then the very moment they climb back in the boat, the storm ceases!

Even the wind & waves obey Him, so regardless of what we face, we need not doubt His ability to save!

Father, even though storms rage about, we are confident we can walk on water with our gaze fixed on You. You promise to keep in perfect peace Him whose thoughts are stayed on You. We trust You & even rejoice for the opportunity to walk on water with You!  Help us take courage & remain unafraid, knowing the Great I AM is here!

GENESIS 44:1-45:28

MATTHEW 14:13-36

PSALM 18:37-50

PROVERBS 4:11-13


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