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Sometimes the Absence of Wisdom is the Perfect Opportunity for its Discovery

Years ago I stumbled upon this idea that sometimes the absence of wisdom is the perfect opportunity for its discovery!

We had our first two sons at the time & didn’t own a home. Some friends lived in a nice-ish trailer park & in a rash moment of decision-making, we thought moving nearby was our next best step.

We spent hours at the manufacturers office choosing all of the finishes & realized we had to scoot quick to the bank for a cashiers check, but when we hopped in our car, it wouldn’t start.

I remember feeling frustrated as we only had an hour to get to the bank & back. The place was closed on Sundays & we wouldn’t be back to that part of town until the following weekend.

I’m now so grateful for the broken alternator that stopped us in our tracks. God had something far better in store, but we didn’t know because we didn’t ask.

Today as I read Proverbs 8:12, that circumstance surfaced from my memory banks. The verse tells how wisdom lives together with good judgement, discernment & all who fear the Lord. On the flip side, however, wisdom will be absent where pride & arrogance are present.😬

Sometimes the absence of wisdom IS the perfect opportunity for its discovery!

Think back to a moment when you made a decision that lacked patience, discernment & insight. I guarantee you discovered wisdom in the process!

We were trying to find a quick solution to a minor problem, but the bigger problem was that we didn’t seek the Source of wisdom in the process!

Are you facing a decision & don’t know what to do? I’ve learned that it’s best to wait, remaining in the last place you heard from God before taking rash steps pretending to BE God.

Maybe you’ve made a decision you regret? Praise God that the disappointing consequences can become fertile ground for wisdom to grow!

Father, You are the Source of wisdom! Remind us to keep coming to You for answers instead of plowing ahead with our feeble solutions! Even hard things like a broken alternator can be used to redirect us towards something far greater than we can fathom! We invite wisdom to rule our hearts more than common sense or feelings. We will never go wrong when we patiently follow her lead 🤗

EXODUS 28:1-43

MATTHEW 25:31-26:13

PSALM 31:9-18

PROVERBS 8:12-13


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