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Standing Firm & Unflinching with Hobnail Kinda Faith

Have you ever awakened to what feels like the hovering of a brooding spirit? Like nothing changed externally, but you just feel heavy? It doesn’t happen often, but such is the case this morning.

All of me wanted to crawl back under the covers, but I know better than to let this pestering spirit have his paltry way with me.

I made coffee & landed in Ephesians 6 where Paul reminds us that we’re not fighting flesh & blood enemies, but against evil authorities, powers & principalities that we can’t see (but can most definitely feel!)

He’d written about this idea of putting on God’s armor before, but this was written as he was bound in chains to a Roman soldier.

The unsuspecting soldier became a portrait for the importance of how to stand firm, steadfast & immovable in the heat of spiritual battle.

If a soldier knew when the enemy was going to attack, he’d be ready & waiting, but what if we took the reverse logic? Since we don’t know when Satan’s arrows will come flying through the darkness, it becomes imperative that we are always battle-ready, fully equipped in God’s armor.

Perhaps as Paul glanced sideways at the centurion beside him, he noted the heavy hobnails on the bottom of his sandals? They reminded Paul to stand firm without flinching in the shoes of peace that carry the good news of the gospel. These feet had places to go so they need to dig in when the enemy tries to shove them backward.

Paul continues to write about the armor of defense:

Helmet of salvation: This assures us of eternity in heaven, so we need not fear the enemy’s slanderous whispers nor the result of the battle

The Belt of Truth: Ask what’s true of this situation & what lies are sneaking into my thoughts? Take em captive & toss em out!

Armor of Righteousness: This is of God & becomes ours through Jesus!

Shield of Faith: Stops the enemy’s fiery arrows 

Then he addresses our only offensive weapon: 

The Sword of the Spirit: The Word of God-Get in it, soak in it & proclaim it while you wait for full victory!

Holy Spirit, help us remain battle-ready even when we don’t see a battle on the horizon, so that we might always stand firm & unflinching with hobnail grip-like faith!

💡ISAIAH 54:1-57:14


💡PSALM 70:1-5



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