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Straining to See The Promised Land?

Have you ever walked through seasons of life metaphorically holding your breath, waiting with great anticipation for something to happen?

Maybe you’re waiting for a hard season to end, healing to happen or a promise to unfold?

Maybe it’s not just one thing, but many things that tempt you to feel paralyzed, like you can‘t take a step forward until “this thing” happens or this other thing is finally over?

I think that’s the crux of faith…& that’s where I find myself a lot recently👉🏽stuck on some level, holding my breath, waiting for something to change. 

As I read about Abraham this morning, I’m reminded that those feelings can surface in circumstances that require faith. The lack of peace rises when we put faith in the FULFILLMENT of the promise, rather than simply trusting The One Who made it.

Abraham is declared righteous because of his faith, believing God by simply taking Him at His Word.

God promises to make Abraham a father of nations, but his first son doesn’t arrive for 25 years! This poor man waits until he’s 100 years old to finally experience the fulfillment of God’s promise!

God also promises to lead Abraham to a promised land, but the fruition of that promise doesn’t arrive until, generations later, Moses leads his people through the Red Sea to the promised land.

Do you have a promised land you are straining to see on the horizon?

Enduring the fulfillment of God’s promises can feel exhausting, especially when we continue to focus on the void He promised to fill.

We will never fully comprehend His timing, but we CAN fully place our faith in His faithfulness, even while we wait.

Abraham is considered the father of faith not because he believed in the FULFILLMENT of the promise, but because he trusted The One Who always keeps His Word!

Father, lift our chins like you did Abraham’s when you told him to look up! When he focused on the facts before him, faith felt impossible. But when he raised his gaze to the heavenlies, the star-filled sky gave him a glimpse of the many descendants to come!

Be the lifter of our chins today, reminding us to take take a deep breath as we raise our gaze off the promise, & remember, IN faith, Who said it!

1 CHRONICLES 24:1-26:11

ROMANS 4:1-12

PSALM 13:1-6

PROVERBS 19:15-16

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