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Submit | To Come Under Mission

The word “submit” gets such a bad rap-kinda like politics. Politics are not “bad”, it’s the people in office that cause corruption. In the same way, the definition of “submit” is powerful, but it’s been represented in such a way that maligns the meaning.

The word comes from two root words:

SUB: to come under

MIT: to send on mission

So if one were to submit to another, it simply means to come under mission. 

Paul writes Titus, detailing what a godly life looks like for men and women.

Men must exercise self control, be worthy of respect & live wisely with sound faith while filled with love & patience.

Women must live in a way that honors God, not be slanderous nor be a slave to wine. Instead, the older are called to train the younger. They’re also called to live wisely & be submissive to their husbands.

There it is 👆🏽The dreaded verse that so many stumble over-be submissive to their husbands.

I’ve heard lots of arguments of why this command is no longer relevant. We have the freedom to do whatever we please, but the struggle is real when we choose our own way, instead of following The Way.

God’s design for marriage was for husbands & wives to become a picture of Jesus & The Church. Husbands are a visual of the groom, Jesus, who laid down his life for his beautiful bride, The Church (wives).

Our children need never don the doors of a church building to experience the loving relationship between Christ & The Church.

If husbands led like Jesus, loving so deep that they’d be willing to lay down their lives for their wives, their wives couldn’t help but love the way he loves & come under his missional lead!

Paul begins his letter with this:

This letter is from Paul, a SLAVE of God & an apostle of Jesus Christ.

The Greek word for slave, doulos, is only used in the New Testament with the highest regard of believers who willingly live under Christ’s authority as His devoted followers.

If we each did our part in marriage, husbands dying to selves to submit to Jesus’s Lordship, & wives coming under her husband’s mission to follow Jesus, I think the divorce rate just might begin to disappear? Lord, give us fresh revelation of what it means to submit today...

💡JEREMIAH 51:1-53

💡TITUS 2:1-15

💡PSALM 99:1-9



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