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Surround Yourself with People Who Will Pray Behind Your Back

Have you ever been in conversation with someone & it suddenly dawns on you that they’ve been talking to others ABOUT you instead of talking TO you? That revelation can sting because it makes you wonder who you can trust.

I saw a quote this week that made me smile:

Surround yourself with people who will pray behind your back.

It’s so refreshing, right? It made me think:

Rather than being concerned with who is talking about me to others, have I intentionally surrounded myself with people who will talk ABOUT me & FOR me TO God?

Who are my people that are sensitive enough to the Spirit realm that they will pray behind my back EVEN BEFORE I ask?

Today as I read David’s call to God, begging Him to hurry with His rescue plan, I wondered who might have been beside David as he prayed? His best friend Jonathan died in battle, so maybe some of David’s warriors filled the bestie shoes?

Of the 37 men who David mention by name, he proclaimed 3 of them as the mightiest! What’s fascinating is the meaning of their names:

👉🏽Josheb-basshebeth=>Sitting in the Counsel - he alone fought with a spear against 800 men & won!

👉🏽Eleazar=>God is my Helper - he founght so long that his sword stuck to his hand, winning the battle alone even after all others deserted!

👉🏽Shammah=> God Has Heard -he was David’s older brother who singlehandedly fought the Philistines & won!

Just like King David, I have 3 mighty warriors in my life. They have different names, but they consistently fulfill the meaning of David’s bravest!

God ministers through them to act as my counsel, He helps me through their wisdom & presence, & He hears their prayers sent like arrows before His throne on my behalf.

Who do you turn to when the seas of life get rough? 

Y’all, we are not meant to do life alone. It is easy to default to “Git er done” mode instead of reaching out to friends who will battle in the heavenlies on our behalf!

God IS our everything AND Jesus reminded us of our need for the Body of believers. You have a part & I have a part, but nobody has all the parts. Who have you invited to be a part of your life who, without hesitation, will battle for you in prayer behind your back?💞

💡ZECHARIAH 2:1-3:10


💡PSALM 141:1-10

💡PROVERBS 30:18-20


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